Radford '71 -
The Other Guys

All the folks who didn't strictly graduate in '71,
but were nonetheless part of the experience:

Rose Acuavera rhumphreys@mcccourt.com
Radford '74, snuck onto the Senior Patio in the yearbook!

Rachel Chesser (Shearon) shearons@earthlink.net
Was there our senior year, likely class of 72.

Karen Cooper (Smith) ksmith@smtp.arcomva.com
Radford '70, one of the Awesome Cooper Sisters, is an advertisng executive in Richmond, VA.

Joette Furlough furlough@flash.net
Radford '72

Gayla Gould moanavil@lava.net
Radford '71 and a half, is an apartment manager in Red Hill. Her mom still lives in Foster Village.

Linda Haken (Hooper) ServingHim3@aol.com
Attended Radford 1970 to 1972.

Mark Hayakawa hayakawa@bellsouth.net
Is from the class of 1972.

Jeff Hehn jbhehn@nls.net
Radford '72, sells golf equipment at lives in Cleveland, OH.

Beverly Johnson (Kim) jsnkim@gte.net
Radford '74, married Joe Kim, Radford '71.

Chris Jones, heartharpnsiren@yahoo.com
Radford 1970. My current address is temporary but I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I work as a therapeutic musician called a Music-Thanatologist.

Keithie Joseph Kaysue52@aol.com
Radford 1970, married Kurt Rebello

Connie Lehmann clehmann@earthlink.net
Grad '71 somewhere else, attended Radford 1968 to 1969.

Roxane Richardson RoxFish03@aol.com
At Radford in 9th-11th grades, but transferred out to Virginia in '71 for her senior year.

Robert Rinker karmakreations@hotmail.com
Grad '71 somewhere else, attended Radford 1969 to 1970.

Scott Rhoney RHONEY.SCOTT@epamail.epa.gov
Grad '71 in North Carolina, attended Radford 1968 to 1970.

Howie Rider hrider@hotmail.com
"Grad '71 somewhere else, attended Radford 1968 to 1969, but "my junior and senior years were each spent at different high schools so Radford holds the most memories."

Pati Rodrigues (McGaffigan) alohafri2@aol.com or p.a.mcg@predicate.com
WOULD have been Radford '70, but transferred in senior year. "I was at Radford from my freshman through Junior years, Aliamanu Jr. both years and Palolo Valley Elem. for four years. Was voted class clown and biggest flirt in our Junior year! Does that count?"

Rick Simpson rickss@mindspring.com
I just got finished going through the entire Radford web site. Although I don't remember many of those faces, it did bring back some fond memories, and some not so fond ones, too. I really enjoyed looking at those class photos where a current photo is attached. I'm truly amazed how well everyone has aged, particularly the ladies of the class.Unfortunately I'm one of those that was not able to graduate with the class. I left my junior year and ended up just outside of Washington, DC in Virginia, where I currently live.

Debby Tisdale (Mayne) Luv2rit@aol.com
Grad '71 somewhere else, attended Radford 1968 to 1970.

Wendy Tolleson Wendy.Tolleson@hi.ngb.army.mil
Successful drop out of Radford! I perused a singing career here in the islands and on the East Coast. I quit singing after 7 years, took my GED and entered a community college outside of Chicago. I moved to Pittsburgh and finished my AS in Business and History, received a scholarship to Duquesne University's Business school. I finished my BS in Human Resources and Economics in 1984. I couldn't find a job in that recession year, and a former beau, and old friend, introduced me to the Administrative Archaeologist at the University of Pittsburgh. I had been doing some volunteer archaeology on the side, so I was interested as well as relieved to have work. I worked in the lab, did field work, and moved up to Assistant to the Admin. Archaeologist. I moved to Tucson in 1986, and worked on digs throughout the Southwest, including Texas, New Mexico, California, and Arizona. I moved back to Hawaii in 1988, worked for Bishop Museum, then ran a small archaeological contracting firm on Guam for a couple of years. I started graduate school in 1995 at the University of Tennessee, majoring in Anthropology and Museum Studies. I received my MA in 1998 and returned to Hawaii. I have worked for the Hawaii Army National Guard as their Cultural Resources Manager. I meet the training mission by protecting historic properties, archaeological sites, and historic buildings from impacts by the Guard. It's a great job, it's a big job, and it's an important job, too!

Karen Williams (Ince) dwiru2@gci.net
Moved to North Carolina for my senior year so I missed graduating with the class of '71. Since I was at Radford for my freshman through junior year, and Aliamanu Jr. both junior high years, I think of myself as a Radford alumni.went on to graduate on the East Coast after spending most of her schoolhood in Hawaii.

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