Abbott to Armstrong
Arnold to Boswell
Boyer to Casale
Casale to Creech
Cristobal to Didier
Diercksmeir to Foster
Frank to Hall
Hall to Ickes
Igarette to Kemp
Kennedy to Lene
Leomo to Martinez
Mathenia to Miyashiro
Moller to Nomura
North to Reynolds
Rhodes to Sanders
Santos to Souza
Spears to Vanderford
VanNess to Zumbrook
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Rudolph Leomo
Ella Leong
Leslie Leuchtmann
(Leslie Kellam)
Houston, TX

Married Bill Kellam, RHS '71
Karen Lewis
Robert Lewis
Ron Lewis
Anna Limtiaco
Bruce Lindow
San Antonio, TX
Allen Ling
David Linogon
Diane Linogon
Jonathon Liu
Dennis Long
Bill Long
Leilani Lopa
Janice Lopes
Imperial Beach, CA
Jay Lorenzen
Larry Lospoc
Deborah Lovett
Susan Lowman
Kathleen Luchenbach
Leslie Luehrs
Raleigh, NC
Michael MacDonald
Mike Madden
Michael Magata
Linda Maida
David Maier
Susan Majoy
Douglas Maligro
Rosalie Manuma
Rosalin Manuma
Tafi Mau
Charlene Marques
David Marsh
Rodney Martin
Michelle Martinez

Other Radford Classmates Radford Snapshots

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