Abbott to Armstrong
Arnold to Boswell
Boyer to Casale
Casale to Creech
Cristobal to Didier
Diercksmeir to Foster
Frank to Hall
Hall to Ickes
Igarette to Kemp
Kennedy to Lene
Leomo to Martinez
Mathenia to Miyashiro
Moller to Nomura
North to Reynolds
Rhodes to Sanders
Santos to Souza
Spears to Vanderford
VanNess to Zumbrook
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Steven Rhodes
Bonnie Rice
David Rich
Jack Richards
Michiko Richardson
Paula Richie
Mark Richmond
Deborah Rientl
Benjamin Riley
Mary Riley
June Rivers
Janis Robello
Richard Robinson
Patty Rodgers
Carol Rodrigues
(Carol Haren)
Phoenix, AZ
George Rodrigues
April Rosa
Robert Rothman
Chip Rowland
Deborah Rutledge
Sergio Rubio
Shirley Sackfield
Greg Sakoda
Moraga, CA
Married Melanie Jula, RHS '71.
Rosa Salas
Tiaoalii Salausa
Roger Sample
Steve Sanders

Was married to Patricia Cannon, RHS '71.

Other Radford Classmates Radford Snapshots

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