Abbott to Armstrong
Arnold to Boswell
Boyer to Casale
Casale to Creech
Cristobal to Didier
Diercksmeir to Foster
Frank to Hall
Hall to Ickes
Igarette to Kemp
Kennedy to Lene
Leomo to Martinez
Mathenia to Miyashiro
Moller to Nomura
North to Reynolds
Rhodes to Sanders
Santos to Souza
Spears to Vanderford
VanNess to Zumbrook
Other Radford Classmates Faculty & Staff Radford Snapshots

Cynthia Boyer
(Cynthia Hammerton)
Huntington Beach, CA
Jeffrey Boyle
Lynda Braden
David Bradley
Donna Bradley
Petra Bradley
Michael Bradshaw
Diane Bridgeman
Julie Brining
Alan Briones
Gary Briones
Sharon Broadnax
James Brock
Michael Brown
Rick Brown
Sparks, NV
Married Karen Sime, RHS '71.
Peter Burgett
Linda Burke
Pamela Burkholder
Burl Burlingame
Kailua, Hawaii
Married, two children.

Burl is a journalist, museum consultant and historian.
Michael Bush
Atlanta, GA
Married Sylvia Osckel, RHS '72, three children

Mike is Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, for Equifax Secure, Inc.
Milagrosa Calub
Patricia Cannon
(Pat Sanders)

Was married to Steve Sanders, RHS '71.
Douglas Capazzollo
Donna Carman
Michael Carr
Chris Carroll
Kevin Carroll
Darnette Carter
(Darnette Rodriques)
Honolulu, Hawaii
Marvlee Carter
Gail Casale
Automobile accident
Gary Casale

Other Radford Classmates Radford Snapshots

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