Abbott to Armstrong
Arnold to Boswell
Boyer to Casale
Casale to Creech
Cristobal to Didier
Diercksmeir to Foster
Frank to Hall
Hall to Ickes
Igarette to Kemp
Kennedy to Lene
Leomo to Martinez
Mathenia to Miyashiro
Moller to Nomura
North to Reynolds
Rhodes to Sanders
Santos to Souza
Spears to Vanderford
VanNess to Zumbrook
Other Radford Classmates Faculty & Staff Radford Snapshots

Jim Hall
Kathy Hall
David Hamilton
Martha Hammsfahr
Jody Hanson
John Hanson
Sylvia Hanson
Bruce Harada
Robert Hardisty
Honolulu, Hawaii
Audrey Hargrove
Steven Harris
Charlotte Heid
Steven Hendrickson
Ludean Hendrix (Ludean Chambers) Medusa1137@aol.com

I am not in the yearbook because back then I was really a wild teen. I skipped school a LOT and one of the days I skipped was picture day. I regret it now but back then of course I thought it was cool to do that. I have been looking at all the pictures on the Radford site ... boy does it bring back memories.
Glen Henry
Seffner, FL
Janice Hewitt
Robert Hiatt
Jerry Hicklestein
Ethel High
Hank Hill
Sally Hill
Vicki Hinde
Jens Hing
Linda Ho
Doris Hobaugh
Rick Hoffman
Springfield, VA
Marjorie Hofues
Richard Hoke
Clinton Hollingsworth
Linda Holmes
(Linda Rohner)
Phoenix, AZ
Gaylord Holomalia
Gordon Holt
Bill Horn
Harker Heights, TX

Bill is currently the Army's Combat Aviation Test Division Chief.
Mike Hoskins
Thomas Howard
Steven Hultz
John Humphrey
Warren Ickes
Wahiawa, Hawaii

Warren works for the Navy at Pearl Harbor. Rumors of his demise are greatly exaggerated.

Other Radford Classmates Radford Snapshots

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