Class Elections, 1971

Class Clowns
Charley Hall and
Kathy Shockley
Pam Mau and
Charley McCrone
Mike McDonald and
Mary Riley
Personality Plus
Steve Gochenhour and
Janelle Golden
Best Dressed
Jim Van Ness and
Nan Morrow
Most Talkative
Ann De Rego and
Chuck Woodstock
Class Flirt
Kathy Espinosa and
Ryan Gilla
Most Athletic
Ron Lewis and
Artie Smith
Most Unforgettable
Sharyn Leigh and
Rob Taibbi
Most Talented
Burl Burlingame and
Linda Holmes
Best All-Around
Doug Capazzollo and
Debbie Morris
Most Spirited
Laurie Gurney and
Dave Ogden
'Scilla Gummerson and
Bob Bogan
Most Likely to Succeed
Debbie McCoy and
Greg Sakoda

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