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Class of '71 30th Reunion News

Radford '70 Reunion

The Rad Grads at the '70 Reunion who didn't actually graduate in '70. (Mark Bates photo)

Mark Bates makes muscle at the Class of 1970's 30th Reunion at Bellows Beach.

Mrs. Burgess and Manny DeRego.

Bill Horn waits patiently outside the Radford gym.

Keithie Joseph, Kurt Rebello and Valerie Craigwell at Bellows.

Another Mini-reunion in DC

Dennis Cullender, ChrisP's bodyguard, Chris Palazzolo, J.T. Morgan
and Rick Hoffman haven't seen each other in at least a month.

Mini-reunion in DC

Bill Foster, Rick Hoffman, J.T. Morgan and Dennis Cullender
toast bygone glory days at a Washington get-together.

PAGE 10 -- Kennedy to Lene

PAGE 11 -- Leomo to Martinez

PAGE 12 -- Mathenia to Miyashiro

PAGE 13 -- Moller to Nomura

PAGE 14 -- North to Reynolds

PAGE 15 -- Rhodes to Sanders

PAGE 16 -- Santos to Souza

PAGE 17 -- Spears to Vanderford

PAGE 18 -- VanNess to Zumbrook

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